We're not perfect, but our perogy's are!

Available for pick up or delivery: we have frozen to go $10..00 a Dozen Unless Speciality Item. $12.00                We have a Special 3/ $25.00

Cooked To Perfection. Golden Brown  and so Tender
6 Traditional perogys with sausage, fried onions & sour cream.  $12.00

Order the Dozen Perogys  on ANY  CERTAIN TYPE of Perogy
Get a  dozen! $15.00 this pan-fried to go.
This is any, Type you Want on the Menu if In Stock.

Frozen perogys available for $10.00 per dozen.
Specialty  orders
have to be 72 hours in advance and they are $12.00 a dozen
Contact us for pricing on larger orders and catering.
Contact Mike #778-327-8966
We do house parties and events in large Volume.

  1. Traditional Perogy's$12.00
    Traditional Perogy's$12.00
  2. Potato, Cheese & Garlic
    Potato, Cheese & Garlic
    Russian (Royal Supreme)$12.00
  3. Potato, Cheese 
    Potato, Cheese Bacon$12.00
  4. Potato, Cheese
    Potato, Cheese Kubarogy$12.00 Kubasa$12.00
  5. Potato, Cheese, Garlic & Bacon
    Potato, Cheese, Garlic & Bacon
    Ukrainian Supreme$12.00
  6. Potato, Cheese & Fresh Chives
    Potato, Cheese & Fresh Chives
    Farmer's Special$10.00
  7. Potato, Cheese & Fresh Dill
    Potato, Cheese & Fresh Dill
    Garden Special$10.00
  8. Potato, Sauerkraut
    Potato, Sauerkraut
    Kraut Special $12.00
  9. Potato Blueberry
    Potato Blueberry
    Kids Special $12.00
  10. Potato Strawberry
    Potato Strawberry
    Kids Special$12.00
  11. Potato Blackberry
    Potato Blackberry $12.00
  12. Potato, Apple-pie & Cinnamon
    Potato, Apple-pie & Cinnamon
    Breakfast Supreme$12.00
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​9-5 weekdays
Closed Sundays


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